15+ Latest Best Free Movie Apps Download For Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Movie apps have revolutionized the way we watch movies on our smartphones, tablets and smart T.V.s. They give a systematic ease of access to the viewer as they provide an extensive list of new and old movies in most of the spoken languages and subtitles on a single app platform. The amazing top movie apps for android and iOS are listed in the coming sections of this article are the future of movies based entertainment.

Most of the people on this planet consider catching movies as the best form of entertainment. Some of these iOS and Android movie apps come with the capability to download them as well which adds up to their utility for everyone. They have movies catering to almost every genre like drama, comedy, fiction, horror, romance, thriller etc. They also boast of libraries that often run into a few million. An active internet connection and an Android/IOS device are all that is needed to download these free movie apps.

Download Best Movie Apps For iPhone:

In most of the instances, the timings of the movies, T.V. shows are not in synchronization with our work and activity schedules. Movie apps for our smartphones/tablets are the wonders that can help us in crossing over the barrier of time, place constraints. Thus, they make the best possible use of our leisure time.

15 Best Movie Apps For Android and iOS in 2017:

We took the pain of selecting the best 15 movie apps available for IOS/Android so that you don’t have to! Just browse over the listed free and paid movie apps and make a choice according to your economic and intellectual taste. Every app has got its own salient features which is present in the description.


It has everything from latest movies, T.V. shows, to animations thus catering to every possible taste!  Videos are available in HD as well as SD (Standard definition for the data conscious). No subscription is required and you can also stream your movies in the app to your smart T.V. and use Google Chromecast! All of this is absolutely free! One can also download the movies and multi-language subtitles.

This movie app also has kids’ mode to filter out offensive and adult content from your children. It is not available on the Google Play store, you can download the APK file from here. It is for Android users only!


amazon prime video appThis movie app came out recently and is allowing 30 days free trial for its users. The user interface of this hell of an app is outstanding. The movie and T.V. show tiles/icons are great and are present under different categories. It gives the user an option to browse on the basis of genres like horror, comedy, fiction etc.

This movie app is free for first 30 days and after that, a nominal PRIME membership charge will be needed to be paid for continuing the service. You can access it on multiple devices using a single AMAZON PRIME ACCOUNT. The app is available for Android as well as Apple devices on their respective app stores.


movie apps for pcTERRARIUM movie app for android is offering T.V. shows and movies from a large number of countries across the world on your devices. It has integrated CHROMECAST support which lets you mirror your mobile screens onto your smart T.V. and enables you to watch all the apps’ content on the big screen.

Terrarium Tv app has multi-language subtitles, gorgeous interface, most of the T.V. shows and movies in 1080p and 720p HD. Also, there are a lot of added features to lift it to the third position in our list of Top 15 movie apps.

The app is completely free and offers the latest content from multiple countries. It is even touted as CINEMA BOX KILLER.


viewster movie appsHD and Ultra HD content in all possible genres is present on Viewster! It’s one of the best available apps for watching animated movies/ T.V. series. You can also download the movies to watch them later in the offline mode. It is free and easily browseable. In-built support for Chromecast is an icing on the cake.

It is also one of the most downloaded movie watching applications on Apple App store as well as on the Android Play Store.


crackle free movie appsApart from movies, Crackle movie app also has a number of popular T.V. shows in its kitty. A lot of commercials and advertisements make this app a bit less desirable if compared with the others in the list. Another downside is the standard definition content. The app pretty much makes up for them with its extensive and awesome list of movie titles, T.V. shows and a very simple, tiled home screen. It is available on the Android play store sans any subscription charge or necessity!

  1. YIDIO

yidio appIt is a gorgeous entrant to the list of free movie watching apps available on the various app stores. It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and offers high-quality content in high definition. Also, many of its movie content needs to be purchased separately. You can also put a request for a certain movie title in the app. You will get notified once the title is available on the app.

It also acts as a host to take you to sites offering the movies you have searched. Therefore, the feel of the app may come across as a bit cumbersome or difficult to get used to! But after a usage of a few days, it becomes very easy to maneuver/handle.

  1. TUBI TV

tubi movie apps androidThe app is apt for the people who want to explore multi-national movies and T.V. shows (Especially Korean, Japanese and German). The app is already downloaded by more than 1.5 million users from the Android Play Store. It also has an impressive viewer rating. It offers a free movie watching experience on a very high- end graphic user interface with more than a lakh movie titles included in its bag. An android device running Android 4.0.4 or later can install this highly graphical movie app. The list of genres (comedy, drama, fiction etc.) is very long and qualitatively better than many comparable free movie apps.


movie box appsIt is another entrant to the ever increasing list of the free movie apps. The app has an extensive list of movie titles as well as T.V. shows. It scores high on design parameters due to a captivating and well-placed interface put together in the form of graphical tiles. Initially available for IOS only, it can now be downloaded on android devices. You can watch your favorite T.V. shows and movies in various formats ranging from standard to ultra high definition.

It does not require to jailbreak your apple device contrary to the rumors doing rounds from the last few months!


bobby movie apps for iosIt provides its users a long list of movie titles and an equally long list of T.V. shows. The interface is pretty and well arranged. Commercial adverts. may play a spoilsport to your overall viewing experience. It is one of the most preferred movies viewing apps by Apple users. Bobby movie box app was recently released under the name “Bobby HD”. This application is available for Apple users only.

In totality, the app stands well crafted to give a great fight to its counterparts. It will give them a run for their money to make it to the top of the list of best movie apps in 2017. Go for it!


playbox hd appThe content is available across all types of video qualities ranging from 360p to 1080p formats. The interface is bright, vivid, extravagant and well crafted. The makers have made it completely bug-free after many users experienced some functional issues with this free movie app. It also supports GOOGLE CHROMECAST.

The app was launched as an alternative to the SHOWBOX movie viewing app and hence appears to be very much similar to it. Since SHOWBOX has a lot of bugs and functional issues lately, millions of users have made a switch to this amazing app.

  1. Megabox HD App

megabox hd appIt will take very less space that is 1.8MB on your Android device. Mega Box HD can stream free movies on android devices in two different qualities that are 360p and 720p.

Mega Box HD is relatively a new free movie app with an interface similar to SHOWBOX HD. Its developers are frequently adding new features to its interface with frequent updates.

It is one of the best free movie apps for Android and has the potential to make way to the top among the movie apps in 2017. Since it’s free, it can easily appeal to every Android user to give it a try!


This app has made a name for its versatility among the Android users. It offers a huge number of movie titles, T.V. shows along with viral videos and short films in multiple genres like horror, comedy, drama, action, documentaries, science etc. The content is offered in full HD . It is accessible through a multi lingual well-designed app interface.

This is the movie app to watch out in 2017 and is expected to grow its user base in multiple folds in the coming months!


HUBI can help you stream all the latest movies, T.V. shows, T.V. channels etc. in a sleek and stylish user interface. You can download as many videos you want without paying a single penny to anyone. It integrates multiple hosts for downloading a movie making the speed of downloading on this movie app better than its counterparts.

It is available for Android devices only and has more than 42 hosts that provide much faster download speeds than any other free movie app!

Though the free version is loaded with a lot of advertisements, even then HUBI comes across as very much bearable due to its user interface. Also, you can get rid of the advertisements by paying a small and nominal fee for the ad-free version.

It is undoubtedly one of the best free movie viewing apps available on the Android play store right now!


The name appears synonymous with a T.V. channel of the same name but it has nothing to do with it!

It offers a lot of free movies but to access all of them, you may need to pay premium subscription fees of 4.99$ per month! The content is in HD and ULTRA HD. The movie titles are present under categories like foreign movies, documentaries, short films etc.

The app is slowly making to the top of the list of top movie apps in 2017 as we post this article!  The premium version of the app is value for money and it will not disappoint you after after you pay for it.

Available for Android only!


This is available for IOS users only and caters to almost every possible expectation of the Apple users. The app has a large number of categories ranging from very diverse genres like silent movies, cult horror movies, underworld fiction etc. The number of titles is above 50000 right now. They are slowly ramping up their movie library to reach a lakh movie titles.

For many years, Apple users have a complaint about the lack of options for them among free movie apps. This one stands out to answer all of their complaints in a single shot! The content is in high definition and can be downgraded in quality to minimize data usage.

Final Words on Movie Streaming Apps For Android & iOS:

Well, that was all about the top movie apps available for Android and IOS operating systems. Browse through the list and make a choice. We can install these applications on all android and iOS versions.

Thank you, folks!


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