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Best iOS Emulator For PC: There is no denying that iOS apps are really awesome. But, a lot of us do not own an iPhone or any other iOS device. That is why we are looking for alternatives to use these apps without an iOS device. Thankfully, there are some really advanced iOS emulators that can be downloaded and used on Windows PC.

These emulators are not just for casual users. They also allow the developers to test their apps in the iOS environment. Let’s take a look at some of the best iOS emulator for PC.

free best ios emualtors for pc windows and mac laptops

Best iOS Emulator For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & Mac Laptops:

Need the best iOS Emulator for PC? here, we listed some best working iOS Emulators for Windows and Mac PC Computers. Just go through the below list of iOS Emulators and download anyone which is best for your Windows/Mac Laptops/Desktops.

1.iPadian iOS Emulator:

iPadian is arguably the most popular and effective iOS simulators available today. The interface of iPadian bears stunning resemblance to that of iPad and this makes it all the more amazing. If you have used an iPad before, you will feel very familiar with it.

ipadian ios emulator - best ios emulator for pc

This iOS emulator for laptop and PC gives you complete access to the apps in the App Store. You can download and use them on your Windows PC.

iPadian emulator is available in the free and premium version. The free version is good enough for most users. If you are a developer, you may however want to test your apps in the premium environment for better results.

2.App.IO iOS Emulator:

If you are looking for a fuss-free iOS emulator for PC, could be a perfect choice for you. All you need to do is sync your existing iOS apps with this emulator and you will be able to use the apps via cloud storage on several devices including laptop, PC, Mac, and Android. It is not just an iOS emulator for Windows PC but also an iOS emulator for Mac and other devices. ios emulator for windows mac pc

App.IO creates an iOS environment right on your PC. Menus, keyboard, and interface all look similar to that of an iOS device.

3.SmartFace iOS Emulator:

SmartFace is primarily used by the developers to test their apps. The free version of this app is good enough for most users. However, if you are looking for advanced features, you can buy the premium version starting at $99.

smartface iphone emulator for pc windows 10 8.1 8 7 and mac laptops desktops

The most incredible thing about this iOS emulator for PC is that it lets you test your apps in different iOS environments.  This means that you can test your apps for various versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you are a developer, SmartFace is definitely one of the best apps for you.

4.Appetize.IO iOS Emulator:

If you are looking for an emulator that gives the familiarity of but is not exactly, you can download iOS emulator for PC called Appetize.IO. Many developers are looking for multiple emulators to test their apps. Appetize.IO provides a perfect environment for that. ios emulator for windows and mac pc laptops

You may find the testing to be a bit slow on certain iPhone models, but it is still by far one of the best emulators around. It also features a demo mode that gives you the complete understanding of the iOS environment. The app charges you $0.05 for per minute use. However, you get free 100 minutes every month.

5.AIR iPhone iOS Emulator:

If you are looking for an iOS emulator for PC that creates an iPhone environment that resembles very closely with the real one, AIR iPhone is the perfect app for you. It is a completely free emulator that is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android.

air iphone emulator for pc laptop

Air iPhone uses the AIR framework by Adobe to create the iPhone environment right on your PC.  It also comes with a number of preinstalled apps. But, you may not be able to use all the apps due to hardware incompatibility.


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